Men With Coconuts are thrilled to welcome the world famous iO Chicago back to Edinburgh!

Some of iO's finest teachers will be here leading two simultaneous three-day improv workshops on September 18th, 19th and 20th!

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Friday September 18th - Sunday September 20th

11am - 5pm

$300 (£188)

To book, please click here.

iO Europe 3 Day Workshop

This 3 day workshop will teach iO's philosophy on longform improvisation. It will focus on two-person scenework, playing in an ensemble, and serve as an introduction to our signature form, The Harold.

iO Europe 3 Day Advanced Workshop

This 3 day workshop is for students who have taken our previous 3 day or one week long workshops (anywhere). The focus will be on iO's signature form, The Harold, and other longforms.


Formerly known as improvolympic, the io theatre (io chicago) is the premier venue for improv in chicago, and arguably the world.

it was founded in 1981 by charna halpern and the late great improvisational teacher and director, del close.

io is the birthplace of "longform improvisation", which helped change the face of improvisational comedy as an art form.

the io theatre in chicago is considered the mecca of improvisation, and its approach to the art of improvisation and comedy in general have shaped and influenced the minds of many of today's most iconic and influential comedic entertainers.

its alumni include tina fey, amy poehler, chris farley, stephen colbert, mike myers, david koechner and tim meadows.

this is io's second european tour.




St Margaret's house (formerly "the arts complex")

151 London road


eh7 6ae


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