Men With Coconuts are thrilled to welcome Lloydie from MissImp and The Maydays! He'll be teaching an all-day workshop on Saturday June 23rd!

Saturday June 23rd (10am-4pm) - Break Improv to Bits!

Price: £45

Location: Monkey Barrel Comedy, Edinburgh

To book, please email and payment instructions will be sent to you

Saturday June 23rd



To book, please email and payment instructions will be sent to you

Break Improv to Bits!

What if everything you’d learned about improv could be completely subverted?

What if you could start scenes with questions?

What if conflict scenes were the foundation of everything?

If we start from the premise that improv actually can’t be broken and that everything that happens on stage is an opportunity, we have greater freedom to play. And when we have greater freedom to play, we tend to be less in our heads. This workshop will give you the opportunity to take what you already know and reassess and sometimes reaffirm it. In other cases, you might find a new approach that gives you a greater sense of freedom on stage. 

Lloydie James Lloyd is an improviser and writer who performs with MissImp in Nottingham and The Maydays in Brighton as well as in Two Seats Four Cheeks – the two person improv collaboration he has with fellow Mayday, Jenny Rowe.

He has trained at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York and The Annoyance Theatre in Chicago. As a dedicated improv nerd he has traveled the country and the world to train and perform with all his improv nerd crushes. He has also guest performed at Chinese Menu Comedy in Washington DC and at the Del Close Marathon at the UCB Theatre New York.

In 2014 he performed with The Maydays in “Oh Boy: The Quantum Leap Show” and with Two Seats Four Cheeks in “Life Deconstructed”. In his spare time he sings, writes and raises money for his overdraft.


Monkey barrel comedy, 9-11 Blair street, edinburgh, eh1 1QR


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