Men With Coconuts, in association with Improv Academy, is delighted to announce Kenn Adams - creator of The Story Spine and author of How to Improvise a Full Length Play - is offering an exclusive weekend masterclass in Edinburgh in January 2017

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Saturday January 28th - Sunday January 29th

11am - 5pm




Scenework and Advanced Game Structures

Ready to kick it up a notch? Make those Whose Line is it Anyway style short-form improv games richer, funnier and more spontaneous by treating them like scenes. First we’ll explore substantial scene work with a focus on character, relationship, environment, dramatic conflict, and a sound dramatic structure. Then we’ll apply it all to your favorite short-form improv games - as well as to a whole bunch of new ones. Learn new games, bring the old ones to a brand-new level, and just have a blast at this one-of-a-kind workshop.


How to Improvise a Full-Length Play

Ready to sharpen up your long-form? Take your skills to a brand new level and learn how to improvise an entire play. We’ll focus on creating believable, three-dimensional characters and then setting them loose to spontaneously create a well-structured play with a sound beginning, middle and end. We’ll explore environment, scene structure, plot structure, raising the dramatic stakes, creating the central dramatic conflict, and successfully resolving the drama.

As well as improvisers these workshops may also be of interest to playwrights and directors.




Kenn Adams has been teaching, directing and performing professional improvisation for 25 years. He began his career in New York City with Freestyle Repertory Theater (aka New York Theatre Sports) where he conceived and directed Play by Play Theater, one of the first modern-day performances of a full-length improvised play.

Kenn is the creator of The Story Spine, a simple tool for teaching and practicing story-structure that has been embraced by teachers, writers and performers the world over. He invented the classic short-form improv games Ding/Buzz (aka Family Dinner) and Sit, Stand and Kneel, and he’s the author of the book How to Improvise a Full-Length Play; The Art of Spontaneous Theater.

Kenn now serves proudly as the Artistic Director of Synergy Theater, the San Francisco Bay Area’s home for the full-length improvised play.



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