Impro FX are thrilled to welcome back Jules Munns to Edinburgh to teach two workshops in January.

He will teach a Scenework Intensive and an Introduction to Improvised Shakespeare.

Scenework Intensive

Saturday January 17th

11am - 5pm


Working towards a deep, rich form of theatrical improvisation, based on relationship and discovery rather than invention. Come make life easier for yourself while still leaping on the fun! Using techniques from the world of acting as well as improvisation, you will work on rhythm, physicality, emotion and point of view.

At the end of this course, you will have a clear and practical way of looking at character and relationship, be more able to create scenes without the support of game structures. You will be more relaxed and present onstage and therefore more responsive to the needs of your partner and the show. And that makes everything easier and more enjoyable for you, your partner and the audience.

This course is designed for people who have done some improvisation before.

Shakespeare Introduction

Sunday January 18th

11am - 5pm


One day intensive guiding you through the basis of improvising in the style of William Shakespeare, led by one of the UK's most experienced improvised Shakespeare directors.

Using iambic pentameter, rich imagery, situations and characters based on Shakespearian plays, making improv dramatic and grand, while still remaining playful and irreverent.

You will learn to expand your linguistic playfulness and emotional range. This course will push you into improvising characters who are experiencing great emotions in the face of life and death situations.

No previous experience of Shakespeare necessary!

Jules Munns is the Artistic Director of the Nursery and improvises regularly with the Maydays and Ten Thousand Million Love Stories. He has also performed with Music Box, the Improsarios, the London 50-hour improvathon, the Spontaneity Shop and many other companies. He trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and then with many international improvisation gurus, including Keith Johnstone, Patti Stiles, Jason Chin, Bill Arnett, PGraph, Susan Messing and Rachel Mason.

Room 6.17, St. Margaret's House (formerly "The Arts Complex"), 151 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE


How did you first get into improvisation?

When I was at the Guildhall School, we used to have improvisation lessons on Friday mornings. And they terrified me. Like could not sleep, had to get drunk the night before, tried to find excuses to get out of them terrified me. So when a guy in the year below me started a group, I thought 'This is an interesting part of my brain to play with. Why does this get to me so much?'. So I started going along on Wednesdays and Sundays and step by step got drawn in. 

What kind of shows do you perform?

The two main shows I do are the Maydays, which is a longform show with songs usually based on true stories and Ten Thousand Million Love Stories, which is an improvised love story. I'll generally try anything though. I recently did a show with the legend that is Dave Razowsky, a bunch of jams at festivals and this Christmas I am doing an improvised panto. It comes down to the same skills and thrills in the end. 

Why do you improvise?

God, that's a huge question. I do it cos it's the most satisfying and stimulating thing I know to do with my brain. I do it because it's both incredibly good for you and stupid amounts of fun, and you meet the most wonderful people doing it. And because honestly, I really couldn't stop if I tried.

Tell us about the theatre you run in London and any plans you have for its future.

Well, we've just moved out of our performance venue, so things are downscaling a bit over Christmas, but we're going to be back with a bigger range of classes in the new year. We're also working on a new space for performance and the continuing programme of international guests for next year. 

In fact, I am writing this two days after our big moving out party. All of our associate companies performed, as well as a huge jam and it felt so inspiring to be part of this passionate, connected community. I'm in a bit of a blur. 

This is your second time teaching improvisation in Edinburgh. Was there anything particularly memorable about your first visit?

Probably the way Will's eyes get bigger and bigger when he is having fun. 

You are a seasoned Edinburgh Fringe performer. What has been your most memorable EdFringe experience?

Oh, there is so much. I do remember standing on the mile with Hoopla Steve, drenched to the bone and putting up Music Box posters. We had a little dance, kept each other cheerful and the show sold out that day. I like to think that is was exactly those posters that did it...

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