Men With Coconuts are thrilled to welcome Cameron Davis from Copenhagen! He'll be teaching an all-day workshop on Saturday February 2nd!

Saturday February 2nd (12pm-4pm) - “Sticking to Your Shit!”

Price: £30

Location: The Safari Lounge (basement), 21 Cadzow Place, Edinburgh, EH7 5SN

To book, please email and payment instructions will be sent to you

Saturday February 2nd



To book, please email and payment instructions will be sent to you

Sticking to Your Shit!

You teach the audience what is important by doing it over and over again.

Sticking to your one thing is a fundamental piece of the improv puzzle.

You'll learn that consistency and reliability is more important than being clever.

Cameron Davis is an improviser, teacher and Harold coach.

He coaches regularly in Copenhagen and at improv festivals in Sweden and Norway. He performs longform with his Copenhagen team Doctors Orders and with his Edinburgh troupe Salt.

He teaches classes on the principles of improv, the importance of character motivation, making strong moves, and supporting the moves of others.

Cameron says:

“My style of teaching is less talk, more action. I'll get you doing more of the things that make improv easy and less of the things that make improv difficult. I know that fun improv relies on skills that must be practiced into habit. The principles I teach are sincerity, reliability and respect”


The Safari lounge (basement), 21 cadzow place, edinburgh, eh7 5sn


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